uvex suxxeed individual

Configure your personalized riding helmet to meet your wants and needs. All you have to do is select your desired color, favorite material, and preferred finish from the various categories. Have fun! The uvex equestrian team.

uvex suxxeed

The uvex suxxeed riding helmet exudes style and sophistication. The design of the brim, which extends seamlessly from the shell, takes its inspiration from a top hat. The inner shell is made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and is able to absorb the energy generated during impacts. The new Ring Fast Adapting System strap comes with an integrated steel ring and can be easily and precisely adjusted to the shape of the wearer’s head. As a result, the helmet stays in place whatever happens, and the strap remains in the correct position. This helmet offers riders elegant, high-tech head protection that meets the highest safety standards while boasting superb comfort. It also offers optimum ventilation thanks to the intelligent and breathable interior.

The luxury edition with decorative leather elements, Swarovski® crystals and Alcantara is, at first glance, simple and sophisticated, but revealed to be luxurious and flamboyant on closer inspection.



Fits at the push of a button

Multistep and anatomically formed: The convenient uvex Monomatic closure can be opened and closed with one hand, at the push of a button. As a result, the chin strap always fits perfectly.


For a cool head

Alongside a perfect fit, good ventilation is also essential in ensuring that a riding helmet doesn’t feel like a foreign body on your head. The air holes have been precisely positioned to ensure an optimum aerodynamic form – giving the head plenty of fresh air.

hardshell technology

For maximum safety and comfort

The helmet comprises an injection-molded outer shell and an EPS inner shell. A highly effective safety combination: impact-resistant on the outside, shock-absorbent and insulating on the inside.

How to configure your personalized riding helmet

1. Select a size: (We recommend that you check your size at an equestrian retailer.)
The following sizes are available:

  • XS-S
    (54 - 55cm)
  • S
    (55 - 56cm)
  • M-L
    (57 - 59cm)

2. Select your desired shell:
We currently offer the following options:

  • Painted (various colors)
  • With an Alcantara cover (various colors)

3. Select your top:
PLEASE NOTE: a Glamour or smooth leather top is only available with an Alcantara-lined shell. Colors may vary slightly; this does not constitute grounds for complaint.

4. Select your desired frame color:

  • You can try out the available colors to see which one is your favorite.

5. Select your desired Swarovski crystals for the frame:

  • You can choose your favorite option from the Swarovski crystals available.

6. Choose your desired logo option:

  • Brushed silver
  • Glossy black
  • Bronze

7. Select a national flag (if desired)


  • National flags are only available in combination with a painted shell.
  • If a national flag is selected, the rest of the top will be black.

YOUR helmet is configured and ready to order!

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